Sunroom Color Ideas

Looking to create a bright, outdoorsy ambiance in your house without actually being outdoors? Then sunrooms are the best of both worlds! 

The wonders of nature and bright sunlight paired with the comfort of your home are nothing short of a magical experience. From a comfy, relaxing corner to the spot you start your mornings at, your sunroom can hold a very significant place in your house. Choosing the right color for it will help create the perfect vibe! 

An important factor to remember before looking for unique sunroom color ideas is the finish of your room. 

Most sunrooms have one of two finishes: 
  • Eggshell/flat finish: 

Best suited for sunrooms that get a lot of foot traffic during the day, the flat and often matte finish is very easy to maintain and has a soft look. It minimizes glares and reflections, which can be an issue in rooms with a lot of natural light. Bright colors like yellow, orange and red would benefit from flat finishes.

  • Satin finishes: 

Satin finishes are shiny in comparison to the flat eggshell finish but work well in sunrooms where you want to have a luxurious feel and vibe. These are just as easy to maintain as flat finishes. This finish works best if the sunroom has an attached outdoor area that you access through the sunroom. The paler and more pastel shades pair well with this finish. Neutral colors like beige, gray, and off-white would also benefit from the shine.

Here are a few sunroom color ideas, to build the perfect space in your home! 
  • White:

White is the blend of every color on the spectrum and is ideal for a sunroom because of its ability to open up spaces. White walls allow for sunlight to flood the room, giving it a light and airy feeling. Its neutral features allow for any interior decoration to pair well with the room. Be it the minimalist route, or a bold statement piece of furniture, nothing will clash with white walls, ceilings, and fixtures. 

  • Nature-inspired hues and shades:

Sunrooms tend to bring a little bit of the outside, inside! So what better way to color your walls, if not the tones and shades of nature. 

Painting the ceiling and walls with light shades of yellow, pale greens, and pastels within a matching color palette can seamlessly blend your room with your view. These colors add a natural look to your room and, when paired with furniture and decor that mimic natural elements like wood, bamboo, and wicker, they can bring about a scenic vibe. 

  • Neutral colors:

Sometimes, the sunroom works best when it doesn’t blend into nature, but when the view outside the window itself is a highlighter. If this is the look you want, a neutral color pallet is the perfect sunroom color idea and can be quite relaxing. 

Neutral colors remove all competition between the indoor and outdoor focus. With the right combinations of colors, you can highlight parts of your room, while simultaneously enhancing the view that you see from the sunroom. Colors like light gray and beige can help you achieve a laid-back look. With furniture and plants added to the decor, you can ensure that your sunroom is the best place to unwind! 

  • Color-coded ceilings or walls:

When the sunroom is an extension of your living room or opens into other parts of your home, it’s best to find complementary shades that can carry through the whole house. 

Bringing in patterns like stripped ceilings or blocks of colors can also make smaller sunrooms feel more luxurious, put together, and often, bigger. Some sunroom color ideas are beige and warm browns, off-whites and cool blues, or more unconventional color scenes like deep oranges with pale sage green. 

  • Bright colors:

Bright colors can sometimes be the best fit for your sunroom. Picking one solid, bright and bold color, can break the monotony of the basic sunroom design. 

Whether you choose to paint an accent wall or just your ceilings in a bright and bold color, it’s best to draw from nature when painting your room. Hues of green, yellow, or blue, work wonderfully for this style. It’s hard to overdo the look with an accented wall, but selecting lighter hues of already existing colors in your room is a good way to go. Coordinating this shade with your furniture can give the room a cohesive look, making the room more elegant. 

  • Pop of color:

If bright colors are your style, but you can’t pick just one, try adopting a color palette that adds a pop of color to everything but your walls! 

Yet again, the best option is to draw from nature and select a few colors that you would find in a flower garden, like marigold, orange, and peony pink. Limit the largest pops of color to your sofas and chairs. Choose lighter versions of your selected colors for accent pieces like rugs or art. 
Select accents, like art and rugs, that are a lighter version of your selected colors. To keep this look from being too over-the-top, paint the walls and ceiling white.

  • Coordinated background and furniture:

If your sunroom has been designed to serve a more multifunctional purpose, doubling as a recreational room or as the living room, then a wonderful way to style the room would be with furniture, electronics, and coordinating backgrounds. 

A neutral wall will help bring in cohesion and prove to be minimal effort when staging the room. Functional furniture in the room can also be used as a design element, being in the same color palette as the rest of the room. This way, you can use the features of the room to paint a picture. 

  • Complimentary Two-Tones: 

From mantles and bookcases to arched doorways, floors, and ceiling windows, there are many other focuses to a sunroom that aren’t just the colors you pick — sometimes it can be the striking architecture of the room. 

Adopt a simple two-color scheme and paint prominent architectural elements a darker shade than the rest of the wall for a simple and easy method of elevating your sunroom.

So, go ahead and enjoy the process, and draw from these sunroom color ideas! And once you’re done, don’t forget to bask in the sunlight and relax in your newly painted sunroom! 

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